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About Google Adsense Placement


Google Adsense Placement

The Truth About For Your Website .

Even though AdSense has different bid types, CPC – price per click – is still the most common. This means that you will only get paid if a visitor clicks on an ad. But before clicking, the visitor actually needs to see the ad. This is why is important. Where do you place your ad and what size ? .

Many publishers tend to move ads into the header or sidebar, so that they don’t distract while reading the content. However, if you want to make money with AdSense, you have to be less fearful. Your is very crucial to visitors clicking .

The truth is, the closer the ad is to the content, the better it performs. Therefore, the best position is within the content. Google Adsense Placement within the content is a sure for clicks.

I have conducted experiments with many formats, Google Adsense Placements, and styles of ads within the content to find that there are differences for every site – even for every article.

On some pages, banners that follow directly after the content don’t get clicked at all. On others, however, Google Adsense Placement inside content they get clicked like mad. This is something you have to experiment with.

How to inject ads into the content?

WordPress ad injector lets you choose the paragraph or headline before or after which the ad is injected. This way, you won’t have to change every article manually.

You should test the placement of the auto injected ads from time to time, try new positions and see as to which one performs best. You can also inject more than one ad into the content. For Google Adsense Placement inside content you should add at least 3 ads depending the length of the content .

If ads outside the content don’t perform at all on your site, I would suggest starting by injecting one ad at the beginning, one after the 3.-5. paragraph, and one at the end of the content. This is a good setup to start with, but don’t forget to experiment further.

The alignment is important too always use responsive google adsense ads.

Skyscraper ads

Besides the content injection, I find one other ad position still to be able to perform well. A Skyscraper left to the content. I’d suggest using a Wide (160×600) or Large Skyscraper (300×600) there. A good vertical position is to start with your post’s headline or short below it.

On our next posts on this blog we would talk more about google adsense Cost Per Click .

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